Easy Ways to Have a Positive Outlook on Life

I am all about bringing the maximum amount of positivity into my life.  I don’t like to have negative thoughts running through my head or the worst case scenario in mind.  I like to look forward to everything in life and there are many things I do that make it really easy to be positive.

  1. I smile when I wake up in the morning.  Sure I’m tired, but I have a new day to be excited for.
  2. I say “today is a great day.”  By saying that, it sets a standard that the day will be great.  I probably say that way too often, but I have great days, so it doesn’t matter if it is annoying.
  3. I make time for things I enjoy. Most days of the week I set aside a couple hours to run or do some type of workout.  It allows me focus on things that aren’t so stressful like school.  Plus, it makes me happy.
  4. I set goals. I set goals for the day, the week, the month, the year… my whole life.  Some are more “serious” like get a good grade on my test or do my homework, but others are more fun.  The fun goals give me something exciting to look forward to.  My roommate and I keep a list on the fridge of all of our goals for the month and we look forward to accomplishing them.  In October, we accomplished all of them and we had one of the best months ever.
  5. I smile as much as possible during the day.  It may look weird to people who see me walking around campus with a giant smile on my face, but smiling just puts me in the greatest mood.  The world is so pretty, especially the sky and the trees during the fall, and that gives me something to smile about. I also like to smile when I run.  It even makes running a little easier.
  6. I try say positive things to others.  If someone thinks they are going to do badly on a test or they are just having a bad day, I try my best to ensure them they are ready for the test or that the day can always get better.
  7. I write about my day.  I write in a diary everyday and it is fun documenting all of the good things that happened during the day.  Sometimes the smallest things can make any day better.
  8. I smile before I go to bed at night.  I am always excited to rest up for the day ahead of me.

Most of the things on my list are really small and easy, but they do add to my positive outlook on life.

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