Paper Towns: Movie Review 

I finally saw Paper Towns! I was looking forward to it all summer and didn’t see it until the very end of my summer.  I went with my friend who rushed to finish the book the night before we saw it.  I actually loved it.  It wasn’t spot on with the book, but it gave me the laughs I expected.

I would definitely recommend seeing the movie because it was actually really funny.  Even with the whole story being about finding Margo, there is a lot of small funny moments throughout.

Things I loved about the movie:

Quentin was pretty much exactly like I imagined him in the book.  He was just as cautious, awkward, funny, and sheltered as he seemed in the book.  I literally cried seeing him as his younger self wearing his matching pajama sets and being the complete opposite of Margo.  Ben and Radar were also pretty spot on to the book.  Ben may have been a bit weirder, but that just made it funnier. They complimented Quentin perfectly during the movie.  They made for some funny moments.  I loved the road trip especially and when they were trying to get the courage to crawl through the hole in the wall so they sang the Pokemon theme song.  They were overall just such a cute group of friends and were hilarious.  Teenage boys in movies and books are too funny.

Angela was so funny to me and I don’t know why.  I feel like she wasn’t a very big part of the book, so seeing her so much towards the end of the movie was a funny surprise.  I’m not sure why she was added in so much at the end of the movie, but the fact she was barely in it at the beginning and then was a shining star towards the end was a nice twist.

Things I didn’t love about the movie, but I didn’t hate them either:

The actors were supposed to be in high school, but only a few looked like they could be in high school.  Ben looked like a little boy and then there would be some grown man in his letter jacket across the hall in the high school.  It was funny, but seemed weird to me.  Quentin and Margo were pretty much the only ones who looked like they belonged in high school.

Quentin’s relationship with his parents was basically nonexistent in the movie.  It wasn’t a huge deal to me, but it could have been interesting.

Overall, I think the movie was great.  My friend liked it too, but she had just finished the book the night before, so she was more disappointed it didn’t follow the book more accurately.  I would recommend it for sure because it was just so funny and one of those movies you just feel good about watching.

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