Apartment Essentials

I am starting my sophomore year of college, so this year I am living in an apartment with one of my friends.  I actually love it so much and know that the year will be even better because I am not stuck living in a dorm.  I am a pretty light packer and don’t bring a whole lot with me to college, but there are some things that every apartment “needs” (I put needs in quotes because you really don’t need some of these things, they are just fun).

  1. Glow sticks- They are perfect for dance parties
  2. Yankee Candle Fragrance Spheres in “Harbor Breeze”- I promise it smells amazing
  3. Shower storage- The bathroom is pretty small (at least for me) and you need places to put all of your shampoo, body wash, etc.
  4. Magnets- A well decorated refrigerator is very important
  5. Memory Jar- My friend and I are going to document the best/funniest moments so we can read them all at the end of the year and hopefully laugh a lot because that is always the best
  6. Speaker- Just another necessity for dancing around your apartment
  7. Candy- It looks pretty cute in a little bowl sitting on the table
  8. Dish strainer- If you don’t have a dishwasher, you need somewhere to put the dishes to dry
  9. Food- You don’t have to eat dorm food anymore, so you have to make your own meals. I made sure to get lots of protein bars, apples, oranges, and yogurt for the days when I don’t feel like making anything
  10. Pictures- They are just another way to personalize your apartment and you can always have a way to see all of the memories you have made or just look at your dog all of the time.  They also look great on the fridge

I know a lot of these things aren’t that important, but they make you feel more at home in your apartment.

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