We Are Your Friends

“Hardship, friendship, so much love.  That is your ticket to everything.”

I was watching tv and that quote got my attention.  It happened to be from a movie that I have been planning to see when it comes out.  My only reason for wanting to see it was because of Zac Efron, but now I mostly want to see it because of that quote.  I am not quite sure why, but those few words really stood out to me.  I think it is true.

Everyone goes through hardships and everyone has their own definition of hardship based on their situation.  I can’t say I have gone through very many extremely difficult times in my life so far, but there have been some.  Difficult is a relative term in this case because people face different things and are affected by those things differently.  Anyway, hardships definitely show you how strong you are and make you realize where you want to go in life or who you want to be.  I think that going through rough times bring you closer to what you want in life.

Friendship is also so important in reaching your goal or your “everything” if I want to go along with the quote.  Friends or family have such an impact on your life.  They bring fun, happiness, support, challenges, love, and so much more into your life.  I feel that just one close friend can help you in doing anything.  I know that friendship is so important to me and without friends and family I would not be where I am now.

Love is something that is relative in this case too.  I believe that love for anything, whether it is a person, a hobby, your pets, etc. can help you achieve anything.  I love my family, my friends, my dog, my school, my sport, etc. and all of those things are helping me get closer to reaching my goals.  Having a lot of passion in life and a love for what you do can take you really far.

I just wanted to share that quote and my feelings about it.  I really liked it and looked up the movie trailer afterwards just so I could hear it again.  I am really excited to see the movie now and maybe there will be a blog post about it later on.

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