Best Summer Ever

Every summer I say the same thing… I think I am going to have the best summer ever and do lots of fun things.  This summer I can say I had the best summer ever.  I didn’t do a million fun things, but the things I did do made for a great summer.  At the end of the school year, I made a list of things I wanted to do during the summer.  No, I didn’t check everything off of my list, but I did get quite a bit accomplished.

There were many things that made this such a great summer.  I think the main reason it was so great was because of my attitude.  I looked at things in a more positive light and tried to see that even difficult, or annoying things would be over before I even knew it and those things wouldn’t be as dreadful as I thought they might be.  Having a positive attitude definitely made the summer the best it could be and influenced everything else I did.

I liked my job.  Sometimes work was the last place I wanted to be, but I did like my job.  It was fun to be with my coworkers and talking with customers.  I discovered that I love doing dishes.  I never thought I would say that, but after a long day at work, doing the dishes and cleaning up was very relaxing.  I felt happy at work and working in the summer makes it feel like you actually did something productive with what seems like an endless amount of free time.

I enjoyed being with my family.  After being away at college, being at home for the summer was nice.  It is a little weird because you are just a temporary resident of your home, but being back with family is fun.  I felt like my relationship with my parents and sister was the best it has ever been this summer.  I think college definitely makes you grow up and appreciate things you didn’t before college.  I liked helping out around the house and going places with my sister.  We probably had a few too many popsicles this summer. I also spent a lot of time with my cousins which was something I had really wanted to do.  Being close to all of my family is something that is really important to me, so being with them was really special.

I was a “recreational” runner.  Last summer, I put too much pressure on myself to run and run fast.  I ran differently this summer.  I ran for fun and with one of my best friends.  I didn’t run everyday and I ran happy.

I read.  Reading was a great way to relax on my days off from work and open my eyes to new ideas.  Reading kind of helps you “stay in shape” for school.  I don’t have a better way to say it.

I went to concerts.  Pretty much every other weekend, I was at a concert.  Seeing my favorite artists live made for fun nights with my friends or my sister.  I went to a ton of country concerts with my sister.

I went on vacation.  My family always takes a summer vacation.  We went to Florida this summer.  It was great to relax and spend the week in the warm sunshine.  We got to end the summer together and make lots of memories.

I spent time with my closest friends.  Doing anything with friends is fun, so all of the adventures I had with my friends this summer helped make it the best one yet.

All of the things I talked about in this blog made my summer so great.  Each day was fun for a different reason.  Whether I was reading in my backyard, seeing One Direction, or working for 9 hours, I can say it was the best summer yet.

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