There are millions of definitions for success.  Everyone sees success in different ways.  It is so individual, and sometimes it seems as though success is all about competition with others.  Of course there is a time and a place for competition, but comparing yourself to everyone else is the biggest waste of time. If you are the best in your classes at school, sports, etc., that is great and all, but the only person you should really care about competing with is yourself.  You should want success for yourself, not for the first place label or the recognition that you are “better” than the person next to you.

I feel like everything is designed to make you the most competitive person in the whole world and want to be super successful just so you can rub it in everyone’s faces.  I don’t see why that is fun for anyone.  The admiration and opinions from others shouldn’t determine your worth, or work ethic, or taint your perception of success.  As I have gotten older, I have realized more and more that everyone has different strengths and different ideas about what success is for them.  I wish everyone could realize that.  Maybe people wouldn’t be so critical of everyone’s performance in various areas of life or think of themselves more highly than everyone else.  In my mind, success comes from working as hard as you can because you want it for yourself, not because you want bragging rights or to prove you are so much “better” than someone else.

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