The summer is the best time for concerts.  With nice weather, friends, and good music, there is nothing better.  Concerts are probably my favorite part of summer other than warm weather.  I feel like it is a reasonable way to spend money because you get to enjoy live music, hang out with people, and create memories.  I have been to a few concerts so far this summer, and many others over the past few years. I have gotten to see some of my favorite groups/artists with my friends and family.  I would definitely recommend going to at least one concert before the summer ends.  Of all of the concerts I have been to I have a few favorites.  I have loved almost every concert I have been to with the exception of a couple, but they had great potential.

I don’t think I have an overall favorite, but my top favorites have been Bastille, Luke Bryan, Mumford & Sons, Fall Out Boy & Wiz Khalifa, and The Rolling Stones.  All of those concerts were so different and involved different genres of music, but I think that is why they were all so good.  Bastille was cool because I got to seem them in Chicago with my sister and we were second row.  It was cool to be with the crowd so close to the stage.  Luke Bryan is one of my favorite country singers and I was with one of my best friends and my sister.  I think he is just a great entertainer in general.  Mumford & Sons is kind of a surprise on this list. I was not a big fan of them when I went to the concert, but I was with another one of my best friends and my sister.  They sounded so good and the crowd was really fun, so it was a great first impression of the band for me.  Fall Out Boy & Wiz Khalifa was great because they are really different types of music.  It was a fun concert and I like both Wiz and Fall Out Boy so it was cool to see them together.  The Rolling Stones was a really awesome opportunity.  It was exciting to see such a popular band perform.  I went with my family for the Fourth of July, which is my favorite holiday, so that made it even better.  We were so close to the stage and they sounded really good.  It was definitely entertaining for me, even though I had only heard a few of their songs leading up to the concert.

I think that concerts are fun and interesting experiences.  You get to see your favorite band, or even bands you hardly know, but also the unique crowds at each concert.  The people around me can always provide extra entertainment while waiting for the concert to start.  I think the next few concerts of my summer will probably compete for a place on my list of favorites, but I think any concert has the potential to be fun.  I definitely have high hopes for One Direction at the end of the summer.  Anyway, you should check out the concerts near you this summer if you are looking for something fun to do!

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