My Best Friend 

My dog is one of my best friends. I just wanted to share how important she is to me. My family got Daisy when I was in 8th grade. We got her at the humane society. We didn’t know what kind of dog she was, but she was cute and playful.  Over the past few years we weren’t the best of friends, but now I love spending time with her. We play outside together or just relax in the sun. She is always with me when I hula hoop, even though she is scared of it. I would say that is true friendship. She hates being in pictures, but she will let me take photos every now and then. She also loves roasted carrots, almost as much as I do. She always begs for blueberries when I’m eating them. However, once I toss one into the air for her to catch, she always closes her mouth and doesn’t catch it. She really doesn’t like blueberries as much as she thinks. I know that, but I try to get her to have one everyday anyway. We used to run together. I usually had to drag her around the neighborhood after the first few minutes, so now we just walk. But we have fun anyways since we get to stop and bark at every dog we see. Daisy and I have our differences sometimes, but she is the best dog ever, and my best friend. I wouldn’t want to come home to any other dog barking as loud as possible like I am creepy stranger or I am robbing my own house. I encourage everyone to spend time with their pets and make sure they know how important they are to you.

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