The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I wanted to quickly share my thoughts after finishing The Girl on the Train.  It was on my list of books to read for awhile, so I expected it to be a great book. Overall, I think it was a decent.  I didn’t love it, but I liked it enough to finish it.  I did want to find out what happened in the end, but it wasn’t one of those books I can’t put down.  It took me a few days to read.

The ending wasn’t shocking to me, but if you like thrillers or mystery books, it is worth a read.  I didn’t particularly like any of the characters.  I can’t decide what characters Hawkins would have wanted the reader to like.  She made all of them seem fairly negative to me.  That could have been why I didn’t get super wrapped up in the book.

I did like how she connected all of the characters though.  Almost every character had some relationship or tie to another character.  I also liked how she wrote the book.  I liked reading from the perspective of more than one character.  It was interesting to know the thoughts, motives, etc. of more than one character.  However, sometimes I did get a little confused on which character’s perspective I was reading from.

I would recommend this book, but I wouldn’t have such high expectations for it, the way I did.  I think it was well-written, but it dragged on a bit to long, with an ending that didn’t come as a huge surprise.

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