What I Learned My Freshman Year of College

I just finished my freshman year of college.  It was a really great year and I only expect it to get better from here.  I decided to study business in college, which I would have never seen myself doing a year ago.  I don’t regret it at all.  It is a great business school and I thought my classes were fairly interesting this year.  I am not taking classes in my specific area of business yet, so I think it will be more interesting once I am just focusing on my decided major.  As I mentioned, business was not something I planned on studying, but my parents encouraged me to apply to the business school and I am happy I did.  I wasn’t thrilled about it in the beginning, but one thing I have learned over the years is that parents often know what is best and only encourage you to try things they think are good for you or that you will enjoy. I am very happy they pushed me to study business because I think I will find a career I will really enjoy by taking that path.  I learned so much more than I expected to learn my freshman year and it wasn’t all in the classroom.  The whole college experience teaches you so much about different subjects, yourself, the world, and life.  It opened my eyes to many different perspectives and ideas that I hadn’t considered in the past.  I just wanted to share a few of the things that I learned in college, about myself and life in general.

1. School is hard- College is much harder than high school and studying becomes much more necessary, but it is better because typically you are studying for things you are interested in.

2. You have your own “family” – Your close friends become like family at school.  You will help each other with homework, study, eat meals, go out, or have nights in with your friends.

3. You will miss or appreciate your actual family much more, even if you don’t think you will- Talking to your parents or siblings on the phone is always refreshing and breaks from school are nice because you can catch up on everything going on at home.

4. You have to take care of your friends- Once again, your friends are like family and there will be days when things go completely wrong for them and you have to drop what you are doing and help them out.  College can be really hard on some people so it is important to be there for your friends when they need it.

5. You should expect to walk a mile or so to get places- At least at my school, freshmen don’t have cars on campus and the campus is huge, so I did a lot of walking (to basketball/football games, parties, restaurants, etc.)

6. Never take running for granted- Running was always a huge part of my life and I wish I had appreciated it and worked harder at it when I was actually competing during high school.  When I wasn’t able to run as much in college, I realized how much I missed it.

7. Honeydew is actually delicious- I feel like no one really likes honeydew and I never did until college.  The honeydew was great and no other honeydew compares.

8. Feminism is good- Feminism isn’t bad like all the myths suggest.  It is all about equality for everyone and I think that college really sends that message to students.  I especially got that message because I ended up taking a class all about feminism.

9. All music is good- There are all kinds of people and situations with different music and it all ends up being pretty good.  All music being good might be an exaggeration, but you learn to like music that you may not have liked before.

10. Being positive is important- College is a major life change and going in with a positive attitude and open mind is so important.  There are a lot of opportunities and challenges.  Having a positive attitude makes the speeches in front of a huge crowd, big tests, or long walks to get to parties and games much better.

11. You can do anything when you are wearing a suit- I had to wear a suit because of my business classes and it makes you feel like you can conquer the world.  You are just a little more confident and they are warm on the colder days, which was always a bonus.

12. Math is cool- College math classes are much better than the ones in high school and you begin to realize how amazing it is that math works out the way it does.

13. Don’t pass up on opportunities you are given-  Even things you might not like or be interested in are worth a try if you are given the opportunity.  You should always be able to say that you tried.

Those are just some of the things I learned and wanted to share!  There are always chances to learn in life and I think college is just one opportunity to learn more about yourself and expose yourself to everything life has to offer.

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